Grant Writing on the Palouse

Fund your projects ~ Improve the Palouse


Nonprofit organizations serve vital, unmatched roles in the Pullman, and larger Palouse, community. The tireless efforts, thoughtful collaborations, and genuine desire to improve the quality of life for others that our local nonprofits provide reflects the community-minded spirit of the area.

At times, having the funds to implement larger projects and maintain day-to-day services may prove difficult, making it necessary to find outside funding. Grants, offered by government agencies, large corporations, and philanthropists, are designed to help nonprofit organizations achieve their goals and serve their local communities. Nonprofits are invited to apply grants, which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, through widely circulated requests for proposals.

This site is designed to help nonprofit organizations in the Palouse area navigate the important aspects of the grant proposal writing process. More specifically, you’ll find methods for finding and reading requests for proposals, as well as strategies for composing the core components of most grant proposals.